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I spent a lot of my childhood in the fells of Cumbria and this is where my interest and passion in outdoor activities such as hillwalking, rock climbing and canoeing started.

This passion led me to start working in the outdoor industry in 2006 working at a range of outdoor education centres, both commercial and local education authority.

In 2013, I went in to the industrial climbing and abseiling industry. I quickly found a passion in this role as it was a combination of my hobby of climbing and mountaineering as well as allowing me to develop new skills.

Working in this industry has led me to climbing some of Britain's iconic structures such as the Blackpool Tower and the London Eye, I have also worked oversees in America and the Middle East. I now deliver training in industrial work and rescue techniques, developing other peoples skills in climbing, abseiling, rope rescue and first aid. The typical industries that I work with include; Ministry of Defence, UK Government, Emergency Services, Prison Service, Mobile Telecommunications, Major National Infrastructure providers, Facilities Management and many other organisations.

In 2009 I started to volunteer within a UK Search and Rescue Team responding to callouts for lost or injured walkers and climbers as well as searching for missing or vulnerable persons. I have held many different roles within the team most notably as a Search and Rescue Dog Handler with NSARDA.
Joining a search and rescue team came directly as a result of my passion and interest in the outdoors and having been involved in an emergency that required Mountain Rescue help, when a friend hit the ground whilst climbing, I had the desire to put something back in to the outdoor society and use my skills to make a difference to those who need it most.
In 2021 my first SARDA dog "Penny" retired and now enjoys her time at home in front of the fire or taking leisurely walks around our home near the Peak District meanwhile I am out with my young dog "Ghyll" who I hope to train to also be a search and rescue dog.
I now live near the Peak District National Park with my wife and two dogs. With experience in mountaineering, rock and industrial climbing I joined the British Mountaineering Councils Technical Committee in 2021 where I hope my knowledge and experience will be useful in helping the outdoor community and keep fellow climbers and walkers safe.

I love getting out with like minded people who want to enjoy the outdoors or learn some skills which will be useful for them in the future. Being outside clears my mind and gives me an opportunity for some self-care. My enjoyment of getting outside requires me to rely on my equipment and to help me do this I joined Harvey Map's team of outdoor professionals. There maps are waterproof, tough, untearable, lightweight and are a similar price to other maps that are available.

I set up Rob Messenger Access and Adventure, in 2021 following the Covid-19 lockdowns. The indoor isolation and the legal restriction in being able to go outside had a tangible impact on my mental health and it brought to the forefront my need to be outside in nature. Whether this was the mountains or the moors and dales. After introducing a few friends to the outdoors and coaching them in the skills required to keep safe I rekindled my love for teaching mountaineering and hillwalking skills as I found it fulfilling to watch others thrive and benefit from being outdoors and occasionally pushing themselves to the edge of their comfort zone.

I'm lucky to have been climbing and mountaineering in some amazing places such as Yosemite (California), Death Valley (Nevada), Dolomites (Italy), Julian Alps (Slovenia), Chamonix (French Alps), Paklenika National Park (Dinaric Alps, Croatia) and the Sarca Valley (Italy)

Mountain Leader on Ben A'an mountain watching the moon in the darkness
Couple and dog hiking in the Peak District Mountain Leader
Mountain Leader on Via Ferrata in Dolomites
Mountain Leader on Tryfan scrambling with client
rope access technician, industrial abseiling, work at height, mountain leader
Mountain Leader on Helvellyn Lake District Striding Edge
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